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Patient Testimonials

  • Dear Dr. Jerry and staff, I cannot thank you enough for the expert care and the approach you took with my 2 ½ year old daughter Harper this past week. After panicking about her broken tooth, and visiting a different pediatric dentist who provided me with unappealing solutions, working with and talking to you was an absolute Godsend. Your approach to both parents and kids was just what I was hoping for: I immediately felt confident in your advice and abilities, and did not think twice about turning my daughter over to your capable hands. And my daughter walked away with your staff without a fuss or incident, and was returned to me as if nothing had happened, other than her tooth was repaired. You and your staff treated her so well, that despite the fact she required a nerve treatment and cap, she actually asked me later that evening if she could “go back to dentist” My answer to her was, “Yes, we will definitely go back to dentist!” Thank you, Dr. Jerry. You are a rock star to the “C” family!

    Robin C. writes

  • This is my first visit to your office and this was also the first time that my son Simon left a dental appointment smiling and willing to come back. Thank you so much for your kindness with my son and we can’t wait to come back for another peaceful visit.

    Lisa J. writes

  • I wanted to thank your office for a great visit. When you have a child with Cerebral Palsy any medical visit can be difficult depending on the patience level of the staff. You and your staff made our visit a breeze and coming from a family with a very hectic life this visit was enjoyable. Thank you!

    Audrey N. writes

  • Hi Dr. Jerry, Nicholas (nearly 2) and I survived our first visit today. After the crying subsided, we talked about how Dr. Jerry took pictures of his teeth and that Dr. Jerry will help keep his teeth healthy. Tonight when I was putting Nicholas to bed I asked him my usual question, “Who loves Nicky?” He replied, “Mama loves Nicky. Dr. Jerry loves Nicky too.” I think this is a good sign.

    Joann U. writes

  • Dear Dr. Jerry, I wanted to thank you for going the extra mile to make sure that my son Elliot has a fantastic smile. He likes showing it off! Other children no longer make comments, and Elliot’s whole attitude has changed. This makes a mom so happy! Thanks for not giving up until we were satisfied with the partial. I thought you should know what a difference it has made.

    Jennifer H. writes

  • I just wanted to thank your office for always being to patient with my child’s disability….I always feel comfortable at your office.

    Kelly L. writes

  • The time that you and your staff take to answer all of our questions and with such detail make all the difference in my comfort level while at your office. My children feel the same way due to the patience of your staff. Thanks

    Carol M. writes

  • The staff and office are exceptional. As a parent, they make me feel comfortable. My son has been doing his regular care there for some time now, but when he had an emergency they attended to it right away. Asking my son he said he likes them for the toys. 🙂

    Karen writes